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First Thing First

July 6, 2009

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we?

Leave a comment and tell us a little about your business’s website. Not about your business, per se, but about what kinds of decisions you’ve made for its website specifically. Do you use lots of images? Have you listed your address, phone number, and email contact information on every page? Do you have a blog as part of your site? What other features have you considered (like a calendar, forum, etc.)? What snags did you hit as you developed the concept for your site and then tried to execute it? Do you [gasp!] not have a site at all yet? If not, why not? Do you have advice for other business owners? Questions you’d like answered?

I have a hunch that if you participate (nudge nudge), the conversation we’ll have in the comments will itself serve as the launching point for further discussion.


Welcome to the Biz Blog

June 23, 2009

Well hello there, yarn-store owners! This is just a quick post to welcome you to this new blog, and to invite you to consider gathering your thoughts and putting together some posts to share tips, tricks, and advice for other store owners on how to use online tools, social media, and good business sense to build your business.

To get started, click the link to register—it’s located in the right-hand sidebar. Registering will allow you to publish posts here, according to the guidelines. When you’re registered, you can also manage your profile so readers can learn more about you, your experience, and your business.

In the near future, I’ll post more about how this blog came to be, I’ll rehash some tips that might help you get started, and perhaps most importantly, I’ll start to walk you through how to use this blog, so hopefully soon you’ll feel more comfortable with your own shop’s blog.

Leave a comment with any questions or feedback you have. Let’s get this shindig started!